Once upon a time, I bought a couple of teapots at an auction. I thought they were pretty and that I could actually use them to make tea. Someday. At the time, I was researching the Victorian Era and discovered that the meal known as afternoon tea was “invented” at that time. I liked tea and I liked me 2food so I thought I’d explore the subject. I started scouring the library in search of information on afternoon tea. I bought books. I subscribed to Victoria magazine. I coerced invited my friends to come over for tea. We took our teas on the road—we dressed Victorian and had picnic teas at local Victorian parks and the porches of historic homes. We won a prize for best Victorian tailgate picnic at Saratoga Polo. My cats are Tetley and Bigelow. My favorite nail polish is Esse’s “Tea & Crumpets.” Are you starting to see an obsession here?

One of my friends suggested that I write a book about how to give a tea party. “Come To Tea! How to Plan, Host and Enjoy a Tea Party” (now out of print) was self-published by Teapot Press. This blog is the evolution of that book for a new generation of afternoon tea discoverers and enthusiasts. Cheers!